Words From Joe: Part 2 – Pride

cracked mirrorA little refresher or a catch-up for those who didn’t read part one.

Joe is the uncle of my neighbors at the lake.  He was born in South Africa and now lives in Australia where he serves other churches, helping to revitalize their leadership.  He came over to meet me and I am now sharing his words with you from our 30 min. conversation.  He started by telling me how blessed he was to be useless.  By being useless, God has used him in incredible ways.  After telling me about being useless, he paused for a moment leaning back in his chair, then like a breath of fresh air, sat up on the end of the chair and said…

“And Pride.  Pride will take you down faster than anything else and that’s why I was so blessed to be useless.”  He sat back in his chair waiting for a response and so I obliged him, “Pride seems to be the root of all sin.” Joe quickly responded.  “You have to wake up every morning and see if pride is sticking its head up over the horizon.”

It is pride that gets in our way and makes us so we can not be used by God.  Reality is that when we sin we are being extremely prideful.  We are telling God that He does not know what is best for us and we know better.  What an arrogant statement to a loving creator.  Now this is not the statement that believers think they are making but one that is made repeatedly.  As a follower of Jesus, I know that He knows what is best for me, yet I still am arrogant enough to do what I think is best. And yes, Pride is at the base of all sin. Pride is a heart issue and the heart is the source of our sins.

The fruit in the garden…Pride
Striking a rock to produce water…Pride
Being swallowed by a fish…Pride
Sleeping with another man’s wife…Pride
Not giving your tithe to God…Pride
Not sharing the Gospel…Pride
And the list goes on…

As Joe was telling me about pride,  it’s message was to a young pastor who has goals, ambition and wants to see many come to faith and the church where I serve grow.  It is because of those goals that I and all the other pastors must become like John the Baptist.  “The bride belongs to the bridegroom.” (More on this later)

Wake up every morning and look to see if pride is sticking its head up over the horizon.  Joe does and he is useless.

Originally Posted July 29th, 2009

 © Jonathan Haley Uhrig 2014

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