He Knows Where I Am

He Knows Where I  Am

“God is everywhere.”  Why does this truth sound so much like a cliché  these days and why can be easily misunderstood?  In the past I have used it as a kind of catch all statement for not sinning when no one else is around.  “Don’t do that, you know God is everywhere and sees and hears everything.”  However for the past few weeks this doctrine has transformed itself in my life to be a means of comfort.

Our theology should serve as a means of comfort.

While reading I tend to pay attention to where the writers footnotes.  The footnotes tell what us what the author is reading and studying.  We get the answer for who is influencing the people that are influencing me.  Mark Batterson included a short story in Draw the Circle by Ken Gaub.  At the end of the real life account given by Gaub, he exclaims to his wife, “God knows where we are!”

God knows where we are!

Those words stopped me in my tracks and I just sat for 15 minutes in silence letting those words sink in.  Of course God knows where I am!  What a relief!  I mean really, what a relief!  What a huge weight that is lifted off of our shoulders to know that God knows where we are.  The Creator of the Universe knows where you are.  Our Father knows where you are.  Our Savior knows where you are!  Our the joys and victories of life – God knows where we are.  When we are lonely and depressed wondering why it feels like no one cares or no one loves us – God knows that we are going through that.  Not having a job or facing a seemingly demanding situation at work – God knows where you are and how you are feeling.  Getting injured or falling ill and knowing that your life will never be the same – Jesus knows where you are and what you are going through.  Facing the loss of someone – Our Father knows!

Please let this sink in.

He knows what you are walking though, He knows what trials you are facing, He knows the suffering your are feeling, He sees the tears your cry and hears the screaming of your voice.

Take comfort in knowing that God is not just everywhere, but God knows where you are.  I don’t mean to focus on the difficult moments, we need to know that God knows where we are when celebrate, but we often feel at the end of our rope in the difficult moments of life.  Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…” (John 14:6).

This is very simple, but when facing these moment remember God knows where you are and….

When you feel like you have no idea which way to go… Jesus is the Way.

We find ourselves not knowing what to do next.  Perhaps a doctor has told you that there isn’t anything more that they can do.  Perhaps, you have search for a job for so long that there doesn’t seem to be any other options.  Maybe it’s that your marriage is getting rocky and you don’t have the answers, you don’t know what the next step is to save your relationship.  There are so many times we find ourselves in situations where we don’t know which way to turn.  Remember, God knows where you are.

When you feel like you have no idea what to believe or who to trust… Jesus is the Truth.

There are times when it seems the world is against us.  Nothing is working for you.  You are getting so many different opinions and none of them seem right.  Maybe, you just feel like everyone has lied to you or you have tried to cover up so much with lies that you don’t even know the truth.  Remember, God knows where you are.

When you feel like you don’t want to take another step, don’t want to live another day… Jesus is the Life.

And yes, there are the days and times when if we are being honest, it seems that not only do you not know what step to take, but you don’t even want to take another step.  Everything in you life might feel like its crashing down on top of you and it seems that it would be easier if you weren’t even around.  Being brutally honest, there are times when it might seem as though you would be better off dead.  Remember, God knows where you are.

I don’t mean to be so dark, but I know too many of us find ourselves at the end of our rope.  If you find yourself here, where you think your would be better off dead, God has more for you in life, run to Him.  Trust me, He knows where you are and what you are going through.  Please let someone into your life that will guide you to Jesus.  If you don’t know anyone, I am here, I’ll be there for you.  Please contact me. 


 Jonathan Haley Uhrig © 2014

** Ken Gaub’s story can be read in its entirety at http://www.cslewisinstitute.org/webfm_send/1391

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  • September 10, 2014 at 6:45 pm

    Your blogs are always inspiring. The usage of scripture to connect and establish all point out of is refreshing. Great read!


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