Unexpectedly Trained for the Next Step

Unexpectedly Trained for the Next Step

Dear Courageous Church,

Three years ago, Josh asked if I wanted to be a part of a church plant.  There wasn’t a name.  There wasn’t a location.  And there weren’t even people.  We sat down week after week to dream and plan and soon started to have weekly gatherings.  When we sat down to discuss my role in the church.  I assumed since I had been a youth pastor for over a decade, I would be creating a youth program.  Josh had other plans and told me “I believe your gifts, talents and abilities lend themselves to develop our group life.”

Immediately I went and wrote out plan for small groups.  Small groups have always been a part of my ministries and I had a time proven plan.  As I started praying over the plan, I quickly realized that we would not be using my standard plan for small groups.  I had been entrusted to develop a group life that would become the culture of the church.  Whether that be home groups, cell groups, discipleship groups, journey groups, missional groups, community groups, missional community groups or any other name you might call them – Josh trusted me to come up with what was going to be best for Courageous Church.  I read dozens of books, went to conference after conference and talked to anyone that would talk to me about groups and communities.  Out of that study, came Courageous Life.

For the past three years, my ministry has been focused on what people need from a community.  What people need to contribute, how they contribute, what they need out of and need to put into a community. I studied how a community develops, functions, grows, and multiplies.  For the past three years, I have been studying and learning how people connect for the sake of the gospel.  How joyful and fun it has been to watch God work in and through Courageous Church and Courageous Life.  To see others be used by God and be used in ways they didn’t even know about, yet.

Last July, I got a phone call from a sweet lady in Georgia.  As we talked she told me all about her church and their needs.  I finally asked what they were looking for specifically.  She told me that they were seeking an Associate Pastor who could connect people.  God works in crazy ways and uses us in the most unexpected ways.  God has used you Courageous Church to train me to connect people for His glory. On January 18th, I was called by First Baptist Richmond Hill to become their Associate Pastor for the purpose of connecting people to each other and to Jesus Christ.

By watching how God has been preparing me, I am absolutely convinced that God has prepared this specific step for my life. So out of obedience, I will faithfully and trustingly take that step.

I love you.  You know I do.  I have told you every time we have prayed together as a church family.  Know that more than having the honor of being one of your pastors, I have the privilege of calling you my friends.

Always Serving Beside You,


Jonathan Haley Uhrig © 2015