Jamaica – Day 1 – Making Our Way Down

JamaicaMission 2015

If you have ever traveled internationally you already know the kind of chaos it can be.  Add to that chaos 17 people and twice the amount of luggage you actually need.  We met at FBCRH this morning at 3:30 am and headed toward Orlando to catch our flight.  Orlando was a breeze… Jamaica… not so breezy.  All things considered it wasn’t too bad.  We did all stand in line at Immigration for an hour and then in line to leave the airport for another 30 minutes and then sat outside the airport for another hour and a half waiting on some others.

We then loaded up in a van that didn’t have enough room for us and cruised to Jamaican Southern Gospel Music.  Yes, you heard me right, Jamaican Southern Gospel Music.  Imagine the Gather Vocal Band but sung by Bob Marley and his backup singers all played on your Casio Keyboard you got in the 80’s!  Just so you know, apparently being packed into a van like sardines with blaring Jamaican Southern Gospel Music puts you to sleep.

The team is staying in some cute open air villas and is all exhausted from our long journey.  Be praying for the team as they rest.  For multiplied sleep and health.  Be praying for life change in our team and the people of Jamaica.

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  • June 20, 2015 at 11:18 pm

    We will be praying daily for the team!


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