Jamaica – Day 2 – Up the Hill

JamaicaMission 2015

Sunday in Jamaica, what do you do?  Go to church!  After eating a breakfast of the most fresh fruit that you could ever imagine, we loaded up and headed to church.  Girls in long dresses and guys in pants.  Which doesn’t sound like a big deal until you know that the church is an open air church and its 90 degrees with 95% humidity… for 3 hours.  Now, its a great church service and the people are so welcoming and friendly.  They sing and sing and sing and then tell it like it is.  We were so blessed by today’s service.  The pastor called all the fathers up and prayed over them that they would “Rise up!  Rise up to be the daddies they are to be! Rise up to be the husbands they are to be!  Rise up to be the servants they are to be! Rise up and be the leaders they are to be!  And rise up and be the disciples Jesus calls them to be!”

Now, if I told you today was rough, I would be lying, that all starts tomorrow.  For the rest of the day most of the team was in the ocean, on the beach, or around the pool, and wherever they were, they took a nap.  Before dinner, we took a ride up to see the work site.  If you have never been on an international mission trip and seen the way a lot of people around the world live, it literally  will take your breath away.  We walked up to where we will be building a lady and her daughter a new home, the foundation of which will be no more than 12’x16′.  My bedroom in college was 12’x16′.  All around her are shacks, no more than a few pieces of tin leaned together to make a roof.  Power lines (2 wires) are run like a shoe string from shack to shack held up by “power poles” which are no more than a tall stick that someone got to stand up and hold the wires.  Trash is everywhere along with the bare feet of the kids that walk all over it.

I watch a young lady try to sale one of our team members (Ted) her baby to take back to the “States”.  The mother was not being mean, but doing what she could to get her baby out of these conditions.  I know its coming, but I dread knowing that I will be asked the same type question and will have to respond with a “no.”  We will be working with these people for a full week and I can’t wait to dig into their lives and see what God is up to.

Pray for our team, that their sleep is multiplied and their endurance is supernatural.  Pray that they see God’s presence here in a special way that will forever transform their life.  And pray for the lady and the child, that they will know their home was a gift from God and that we are just the hands and feet of a mighty God and a loving Savior.  Thank you for all of your prayers.

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