Jamaica – Day 6 – Keys & Good Byes

JamaicaMission 2015

The team woke up this morning with one goal… finish the house.  The whole team went to the top of the hill to work on the house.  The outside boards had to be painted, the inside had to be painted, the windows had to be put in, the vents had to be working, doors put in, locks installed, and everything cleaned up.  We had 3 hours… believe me, it took every bit of three hours.  After a quick lunch, we headed into town to grab some groceries for the new home and propane for her new stove.  You can’t believe how tight the roads are and how nobody cares.  When you look out the window when going down the road… well it’s just best not to.

What a wonderful gift to hand the keys to a home over to someone who probably has never had a home for herself.  But I never realized how much love and practical goodness it actually gives a person.  She has been paying rent, she couldn’t lock her belongings up so she can’t have nice things, there was no place to cook, it means she doesn’t have to worry and concentrate on getting a steady job.  When the biggest surprise is a new 2 burner stove top… I’m not kidding, tears in her eyes over a place to cook.  We got to pray over her and stock her pantry with food.  She also got a new bed and sheets.  What a wonderful gift to continue on the mission that has been here for so long.

Afterwards we went down the hill for a short VBS time with the kids.  Having to say good bye to kids and families that literally have nothing be what you give them is so difficult.  We give them the shirts off our backs and the shoes on our feet, water bottles and suitcases, to make sure they have all we can give them.   You fall in love with these people and want so much for them and know that you can’t give it to them.  We will return to our lives, so far away from these people, they will be on our minds and on our hearts, but what can we do for them but come back, back to Jamaica to show them, to tell them we still love them.

Tomorrow, Friday, the team will spend some time seeing a bit of Jamaica and relaxing, trying to decompress so that adjusting back to the states isn’t so hard.  Pray that the team can find rest for our weary bodies, over worked minds, and hurting hearts.

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