What Do You Really Believe Jesus Will Do?

What Do You Really Believe Jesus Will Do?

photoAs followers of Jesus we have declared that “Jesus is Lord” and we believe that after Jesus was crucified on a cross that God raised Him from the dead.  But do we really believe that Jesus can take away the sins of others? More specifically, do you really believe that Jesus died for your friends and that only He can save them from God’s wrath?  Or do we not understand what we have been saved from or what our lost friends are in danger of.

Do we understand what we have been saved from?

Millions of dollars are spend every year on mission trips, basically taking the name of Christ to places than aren’t home.  Mission trips are not bad, in fact they are really good and we are being obedient to Christ by taking His name to the “ends of the earth.”  But the “ends of the earth” is the last place mentioned in Acts 1:8, Jerusalem is the first, Jerusalem was the disciples home.  We are called first to be witnesses at home.  Why is telling the people closest to us about Jesus so hard?  It really is!  It can feel so weird and awkward.  Why?

Could it be that we are too worried about what friends, family, neighbors and co-workers might think of us  or Jesus if we bring them the gospel?  In our heads they are already saying:

“You want me to be some religious freak?!?”

“You think I need help?”

“You think I am going to go to hell?  Who do you think you are?”

“Jesus is just some weird tooth-fairy god!”

“Jesus can’t save anyone from any sin!”

“Jesus shmesus, you got to be kidding me!”

Instead of being worried of what our friends will think about us or Jesus, what if we asked the question, “What will Jesus do if we bring our friends to Him?”  It’s a different way to look at the situation and could change how we look at telling people about Jesus and our responsibility.  Mark 2 gives us the story of 4 men who carry their paralyzed friend to Jesus.  The men can’t get their buddy close to Jesus, so they climb up on top of the house where Jesus is, dig out the roof and lower their friend to Jesus.

What will Jesus do if we bring our friends to Him?

I can’t imagine the looks on their faces.  These men had to be pretty bold to even do this in the first place, or these guys had to be cared out of their minds.  Either way, they don’t utter a single word.  Getting their friend in front of Jesus was as far as they got in their plans.  They had not rehearsed what who was going to say what to try to convince Jesus to heal the man or a grand speech, they just knew they had to get their friend in front of Jesus.  Mark 2:5 gives us Jesus reaction, When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralyzed man, ‘Son, your sins are forgiven.'” Did you see it!  Did you catch what happened?

Remember, the men didn’t utter one single word to Jesus, Jesus just reacted.  Two parts of Jesus reaction should be freeing to you to bring your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to Him.

First, because of whose faith did Jesus forgive the man’s sins?  The bible says “their faith”!  Because of the faith of the friends Jesus forgave the man’s sins.  I am not saying that the paralyzed man did not believe, but what we are given is because of “their faith”, which points to the faith of the friends, Jesus forgives sins.  What do you believe Jesus will do when you bring Him your friends?

Second, because the friends were faithful to bring their the man to Jesus, Jesus takes over.  Jesus is the only one who can save our friends, family, neighbors and co-workers from their sin, death and God’s wrath.  Therefore, once we bring our friends to Jesus, we have done our part.  The man’s friends got Him to Jesus, they were done, that’s why we don’t find them saying anything, that’s all they could do.

I urge you to not be afraid of what those around you might say about you or Jesus if you share the gospel with them.  Instead, do you believe Jesus can really save your friends from their sin.  Be faithful to Jesus and bring your friends to Him.

Bring your friends to Jesus and then let Jesus do what Jesus does.

Words From Joe: Part 6 – Your Suit

Words From Joe: Part 6 – Your Suit

Suits-season-2This is the last of the “Words from Joe” series.  Joe is one of the wises and most humble men I have ever met.  I hope I have shared his wisdom with you as much as he shared with me.  The 30 minute conversation we had has impacted my ministry more than any single conversation I have ever had.  Thank you Joe.

God designed your suit for you and it will only fit you.

Joe said, “God designed your suit for you and it will only fit you.  It will never fit anyone else and anyone else that attempts to put on your suit, it will always feel awkward.  I would be too tight, too loose, too small or way to big.  Your suit is designed to move with you and always be perfect.  Our suits may be made out of the same material but one is made for me and one is made for you.”

God has put me in the very spot he wants me.  Better yet, when God wants me in a different context or different situation, He will put me there.  I only have to obey and wear my suit.  Same for you.  You have a unique suit that is made just for you, it will fit no one else like it fits you.  Know that God has you where He needs you and you only need to obey and wear your suit. Don’t try to wear a suit that belongs to someone else, you know it won’t fit you.

Jeremiah 1:5 (NIV) “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…”

 © Jonathan Haley Uhrig 2014

Words From Joe: Part 5 – Obey

Words From Joe: Part 5 – Obey

obey hatJust a few more words from Joe that really struck me. He mentioned this thought several times. It was almost like he knew what had to be done so that he could hear “well done you good and faithful servant” when he knelt before the Lord. He kept saying..

“I just did as the Lord told me.”

“It would be so good for someone to say, ‘I just did as the Lord told me.'” Of course it would Joe.

He said, what if you were at a pastor’s conference and they asked you “what did your do for the Lord in the past year.”
And you said, “We obeyed God and taught his word.”
They followed up with another question, “But, how many people came to Christ?”
And you responded, “none, in fact people left. But, we did exactly what we were told to do, we obeyed God the best we could.”

Nobody would care, they just want to know about the converts and the successes of the ministry. They would ask for another testimony that had people coming to Christ. The point is not that you are successful, the point is that you obey Christ.

“The point is not that you are successful, the point is that you obey Christ.”

People want to be great and do wonderful things for Christ. The most wonderful thing you can do for Christ is to obey the word of God and His calling on your life. No matter, what you do, do it for the Lord and obey His word, the Bible.

1Corinthians 10:31 (NIV) “…do it all for the glory of God.”

 © Jonathan Haley Uhrig 2014