7 Questions to Ask During Your Personal Bible Study

7 Questions to Ask During Your Personal

Sitting down to have a personal Bible Study is something that most of us as believers do not do enough.  Then there is the question, “When I sit down to study scripture, what do I do?”  Its a really good question and shows where pastors have let you down by not teaching what to do.  Sadly, it might really be because a lot of pastors have no clue how to have a personal Bible Study.  After reading a portion of scripture I often find myself thinking wow, that was really cool, but no clue how to deal with what God wants to teach me through the verse.

Here are 7 questions to ask during your personal Bible Study that will help you know what God is revealing about Himself through His Word.

  1. What does this truth say about God?
    • Why would God even say it?
  2. What would my life look like if I actually believed it were true?
  3. Why did this passage catch my eye?
    • Why did it make me curious? What stirred that curiosity?
  4. How does my culture twist, distort, or reject this?
    • How has culture affected me regarding this truth?
  5. Why don’t I really believe this; or, to what degree do I doubt it?
  6. How does this truth make me love God more?
  7. What do I need to change in my thinking or actions to align myself with its truth?

There are many questions to be answered about having a personal time in the word.  My suggestion is to pick a book in the New Testament and start.  I am not against the Old Testament, in fact I love seeing God weave the gospel throughout the entity of scripture.  However, when starting out reading and meditating over scripture I have found that the truths communicated in New Testament are a lot easier to understand and apply to our lives.   Print these questions off and put them in a place you can see them and use them.

 Jonathan Haley Uhrig © 2014


*Questions originally Posted by Sam Williamson on his Blog Beliefs of the Heart in the post  Hearing God in Meditation ,originally posted July 15, 2014.