If Prayers

If Prayers


Spent some time in Wichita, Kansas and gleaned some great lessons from my new friends there.  Let me share…

Have you ever wanted to pray a prayer that allows God to have full control of a situation and have no idea how to?

What happens to your prayers when you let God have that much control of your situation?

I’ve always wanted to be able to pray bold prayers where I trust God to do incredible things in my own life.  Honestly, I am pretty good at praying bold prayers for others and I really do believe that God can and will move in the lives of others.  But for some reason, it’s hard for me to pray extremely trusting prayers.  Yes, this does show how much I want to be in control and have relinquishing control.  It’s a daily fight.  But what if one little word could change everything?  IF.

IF is a simple yet powerful word.

That can’t be it, that can’t be all to it.  IF?  Really?  That’s the brilliant word you came up with?  That’s it!  IF.  What happens when you start adding IF to your prayers?  Watch how simply yet powerful the little word becomes.

IF God you want…

This little word has revolutionized my prayer life in just a few short days.  It makes it easy for me to give control over to Christ.  Jesus used it why shouldn’t we.

 “My Father, IF it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.”  – Matthew 26:39

If God you want me to _____________, then make it happen.  If Lord you want _______________ for me, then give it to me.  If Jesus you have for me a _____________, I trust you will give it to me.   So simple, but once you say “IF” there isn’t anything else you can do.  That little word places complete control into God’s hands.

Give “IF prayers” a try, see how it works in your life, see if it allows you to give control to our savior.

*Thanks to Pastor Jason Villianueva and Aviator Church.  Keep up your faithful work with Christ.

 © Jonathan Haley Uhrig 2014